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I'm really excited that we're are offering a free 14 day trial. We'd love to have you as a VIP member and let you in on all the perks we give our favorite customers. Stop in anytime! 

– osiris James,GSN Sales Agency 

Here's why we're excited to offer this limited 14 Day Trial absolutely free!

We don't just sell amazing camping and survival gear at Camp Land. We also do extensive research, product design, and field testing to develop our own line of exclusive Camp Land gear, like this thermos.

You can cook with it!

Warm up your coffee, oatmeal, or a hearty stew right inside your thermos.The outer metal shell can stand up to campfire flames or any standard camping stove. 

It's 100% watertight!

Liquid's not going to leak out of—or into—your camping thermos. Going boating? It'll even float.

Also, it’s earth-friendly!

The camping thermos is made from 100% recyclable components. Although we've designed it to last for a decade or more, when it's time to say goodbye, you can rest assured it won't take up landfill space. 

Here's why campers love Camp Land stores and products.

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"l love ordering from Camp Land because I know all their products are manufactured to be ecologically friendly. Plus, it seems like they never break!

 Mica A. New Orleans, LA

"Camp Land makes the most ingenous survival gear I've found. Love their clever first aid kits and the super-strong construction on their tents.

Hiram L. Los Angeles, CA  

"Camp Land has the best selection of hiking shoes I've seen anywhere. I got my first serious pair three years ago, and they're still going strong.

 Trudy M. Helena, MT

"Camp Land products stand up great to all weather conditions, and the large-type diagrams make assembly a cinch. I know I can find all I need for outdoor survival.

Pops P. Williamsburg, VA

Plus, we'll throw in an extra bonus: The Camp Land Ultimate Survival Guide! 

  • 55-page illustrated guide with more than 20 helpful photos and diagrams
  • Complete gear list to travel light and still have everything you need to stay happy and healthy in the wilderness for a week or more at a time
  • Written by Camp Land founder Jake Shumann with tips from 7 other renowned wilderness survival experts
  • Location-specific advice to control your temperature and stay comfortable in different climates
  • 5 methods to start a fire when you're out of dry wood
  • Easy-to-follow tutorials on foraging, shelter-building, water purificaton, and much more

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